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Super Clean Magic Gel

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Color: 160g
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Benefits of the Super Clean Magic Gel

The gel is made from vegetable rubber.
It is not sticky to the hand, does not irritate the skin, does not leave any toxic substances, does not harm the environment.
This clean gel can penetrate every corner to thoroughly clean your devices with 95% dirt, crumbs.
This dust-cleaning sludge can be reused.
This multifunctional super clean magic gel is suitable for all types of equipment.
How to use:
1. Keep your hands dry before using the cleansing gel.
2. Take a piece of cleaning gel and gently knead it a few times.
3. Place it on the surface to be cleaned.
4. Gently squeeze and roll it about 4-5 times, then slowly pull it up. (Please do not put it on the keyboard for a long time.)
5. Close the cleaning gel in the small box after use.
Clean it with baking soda and water mixture, it can be reused
4 Capacities to choose: 160g/200g/300g/360g
Color: random color
Application: PC keyboards, printers, musical instruments, pocket calculators, as well as ventilation slots in-car ventilation.
Package Include:
1x universal cleaning gel.

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