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Scratch Removing Polishing Paste (50% OFF)

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Remove any scratches and scuffs and make your vehicle shine!

Deep scratches, scuffs that don't come off easily, dirt, all these problems are common to the vast majority of vehicle lovers. !  Meet Professional Liquid Scratch & Scratch Remover Wax, the automotive wax that promotes the renewal of your vehicle and guarantees a fast and professional polishing. With this super polishing wax, you can leave your vehicle shining as if it had just left the dealership! Cars, motorcycles, bicycles... Whatever you need!


Professional Scratch & Scratch Removal Liquid Wax is really amazing!

Besides giving all the shine and polish of a common wax, Professional Liquid Remover Wax removes all surface scratches.



See some of the benefits of Professional Liquid Scratch & Scratch Remover Wax!

✅ It works on all car colors and does not damage the vehicle;

✅ Removes stains, scratches and scuffs on cars, motorcycles, and plastics;

✅ It cleans and polishes;

✅ It can be used on doors and doorknobs to give them a shinier look;

✅ Assists in cleaning tires.



  How to use it to get the best results!

  • First put a sufficient amount of Wax Remover directly on the super-soft sponge that comes with the product
  • Apply the product over the scratches making circular movements until the scratches are removed
  • After polishing the vehicle, use an appropriate cloth, such as microfiber cloths
  • Finish the application and store the wax in a dry environment, protected from heat



All the features and specifications of Liquid Professional Scratch & Scratch Remover Wax!

Weight: 15g

Color: white and blue

Applicator material: sponge

Applicator size: 7 x 3 x 1.5cm



Package Contents:

1 x Professional Liquid Scratch & Scratch Removing Wax

1 x Applicator (Sponge)

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