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Retractable Multi-Purpose Trash Bin with Garbage Bag Holder

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Color: White 9L

Surprise yourself and make your life easier with the Retractable Multi-Purpose Bin! This trash can has a fixation bar for you to support it on drawers or cabinets. It is the only one on the market with a support to support and facilitate the removal of garbage bags!

Ever made a mess of your entire kitchen by knocking over that traditional trash can? Tired of having to bend down to change the garbage bag?

  • When closed, it takes up almost no space
  • Exclusive, patented garbage bag holder system
  • Can be used in your kitchen, bathroom or car
  • Keep your environment clean and stylish
  • Choose the two-color option and separate your trash for better disposal
  • No need to bend over or have your garbage next to other foods
  • Easy to remove and place the garbage bag
  • 8 liter capacity, the perfect size for your needs
  • You can carry the garbage can around the cabinet without having to take it out of place


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1 * Retractable Multi-Purpose Bin

Meet the multi-purpose garbage can!

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