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Pure Luxe© Watch + EXCLUSIVE GIFT (Bracelet)

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Color: Esmerald

Get the Pure Luxe Watch and elevate your style to a new level!

The Pure Luxe Watch is an indispensable accessory for those who seek sophistication and elegance in their daily lives. And if you are looking for something even more modern, we have a special offer for you. When you buy one of our watches, you will get an exclusive Emerald Strap to complement your look and make it even more elegant.
  Don't miss your choice: Pure Luxe Set for formal or casual events.

Combining the watch with the bracelet gives you the perfect ensemble for any occasion, be it a formal or casual event. In addition, the unique bracelet is a way to further highlight your personal style, making it unique and distinctive.

Premium Line Materials

You are not only getting a high quality watch, but also an accessory that goes perfectly with it. The bracelet is made from first-class materials, ensuring comfort and durability. Both are easily adjustable!

Product Specifications:

Watch weight: 26g Bracelet weight: 7g Clasp Watch latch: Magnetic Water resistant: Yes Material: Stainless steel Band size: 270mm Width: 10mm Package contains:1x Pure Luxe watch 1x Pure Luxe bracelet


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