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FitBra® Adjustable Fitness Top

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Color: Dark Gray
Size: S

Safety and convenience in your activities!

The new sports top, a hit at Tiktok, is now within your reach!

The FitBra Training Fitness Top has arrived in its new version, simpler, firmer, and showing a beautiful and charming charm.

It was designed and developed thinking of you, to make your activities much more profitable! It is ideal for the gym, yoga, pilates, sports in general, and even for your daily routine.


From Tiktok, straight to your home!

- Easy to use, adapting to your body easily, without causing discomfort.- Prevents back pain and promotes posture correction.- Resistant material and modern design, bringing more security and firmness to your activities.

- Focus on your workout and don't worry about tidying up your top anymore - even when you do vigorous exercises, they keep it firmly in place. - The mesh fabric will not itch and will not irritate your skin.



Zipper design, easy to put on and take off, comfortable and healthy, not deviating from the position

Top with Velcro, adjustable elasticity, so as not to hurt the shoulder High elasticity elastic band Zipper with locking function. When you put the zipper down, it locks and does not move. To release it, simply move it upwards. This prevents the zipper from opening during your activities.

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