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Comfort Leather Orthopaedic Moccasin

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Walk Sleek and Stylish without Giving Up Comfort

The best in men's social fashion, the Moccasin Shoe features the comfort and quality your feet deserve.

Versatile shoe, perfect to be worn on any occasion or simply to wear to work in the fine sport style.

Never Complain of Pain in Feet and Legs Again!

The Moccasin Shoe technology distributes the body weight equally on the sole of the foot, relieving pain in the feet, knees, and spine.

Its interior is so soft and comfortable that it feels like walking on clouds

Breathable anti-football fabric

Light and breathable fabric, avoiding bad odor and the proliferation of bromidiose bacteria, which is responsible for foot odor.

Anti-slip and Ergonomic

Its non-slip sole sticks to the ground even on wet surfaces, ensuring more stability when walking

Produced in Ecological Leather with reinforced stitching

Made of ecological leather, the Confort moccasin was developed to be on your feet for years!

Versatile and Comfortable

The comfort your feet deserve! The airy material and adjustable hidden lace design means you'll never feel your feet feel stuffy or cramped.

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Style: Casual

Coating type: Eco-leather

Occasion: Work, party and leisure

Gender : Male Fabric Type : Breathable fabric


2 Pairs of Leather Confort Orthopedic Moccasin

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