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Bath Brush for Pet - EasyPet

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Color: Blue

Does your pet hate the bath? Do you have difficulty cleaning sensitive areas such as ears, face, and paws?

Then EasyPet was made for you!

Made of high-quality soft silicone, the EasyPet® cleans your pet while massaging its skin.

The rounded teeth improve blood circulation, while an ergonomic shape helps provide comfort and ease of use, avoiding strain on the wrist and hands.

Escova de banho para Pet - EasyPet

Your pet will love to take a bath!

With the EasyPet® Your pet will love to take a bath, because it has soft silicone bristles that clean deeply and massage.

Make your life easier when bathing your little friend

The EasyPet® Bath Brush has a compartment for placing shampoo and water, making bathing your pet much easier and faster.

Join the EasyPet® family and transform the way your pet baths

Thousands of dogs and cats are now being bathed in an innovative, fun, and joyful way.

Our NEW 3-in-1 bath brush saves you time and keeps your little friend clean!

❌ No more stressful baths!

❌ No more hair tangles!

❌ No more dirty animals!

✅  It gently removes loose hair, dirt, and mud;

✅  Pets love the massage bristles;

✅  It works on all your furry friends.


It promotes health and well-being: The shampoo comes out of the brush to provide a rich, foaming bath that helps maintain a soft coat and moisturized skin;

Transform bath time into a relaxing massage: Pets LOVE the silicone tentacles that massage the skin and improve blood circulation;

Ergonomic design: The brush is easy to use and a comfortable grip makes bathing easy;

Easy: Simply rinse the brush with water and hang easily by the handle to dry;

The perfect size: The 80 ml storage compartment holds the perfect amount of shampoo for your pet's bath.

Material: Silicone;
Color: Blue, Yellow, Pink;

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back.

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