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Accelerator Clock

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Color: Blue

A beautiful PREMIUM line watch of extreme quality, just the way you want it.

Style and Authenticity in One Watch

The Accelerator Watch is the favorite watch of car lovers. Its dial features a luxury chronograph combined with the rim of a tire, which rotates according to the owner's movements, which has never been seen before and will catch the eye wherever you go. It is a watch suitable for all occasions.


Strength and durability

The Accelerator Watch is an original product, produced with genuine parts and of exclusive resale. It has BlockShield technology that makes its display almost impossible to be scratched. In addition, it has a steel bracelet and is waterproof.

Product Specification
Belt length: about 24 cm
Belt width: about 2 cm
The material of the belt: steel belt
Weight: 95g
Product with factory direct warranty Quartz Movement.
100% original product Super scratch resistant.
Product resistant to falls and shocks.
Package includes:1x Watch + Steel strap (Original)
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